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Neo Bistro | Organic Wine Bar

Est. 2023

Let's celebrate

Bistro reimagined: Say goodbye to Fine Dining constraints – we're all about crisp flavours and real taste in a relaxed atmosphere. Come as you are!

We're not just a restaurant; we're a meeting point where joy of life and cultures come together at one table. Here, laughter is as genuine as the taste of our dishes – authentic, welcoming, and full of life.

Our menu is a journey through global culinary trends, perfect for those who seek the extraordinary in their food. Quality, creativity, and a touch of adventure await you.

Come and experience how taste forms a community at Harbour Social by Frank's, the heart of the Media Harbour.


Cosmopolitan Brunch!

Brunch Classics reimagined - Miso Scrambled Eggs? Oh, yes!

Wine Tasting at 11 AM? Why not!

Every Saturday and Sunday

Reserve your spot!

Organic Wine Bar
Wine with Soul & Charakter

With us it's not just wine, but an experience. Discover wines that tell stories and capture the essence of their origins. Authentic, inviting and full of character –

just like us.

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