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Frank's is more than Harbor Social. Together with its sister restaurant - Mbassy - Frank's embodies the symbiosis of global gastronomy & hospitality paired with the tireless pursuit of quality. 

Driven by Jakob's extensive international experience and Frankonia's passionate perfectionism, Frank's brings a piece of the world into every dish, every drink, every smile.

It is the home for everyone who loves cosmopolitan life and gastronomy at the highest level.

Frank's is not just a name, it is an attitude - courageous, limitless and always looking for the extraordinary moment. Enter our world, let yourself be inspired and become part of our story. This is Frank's.


Jacob Yamac

The German with Aramaic roots traveled around the globe for ten years. As he explains, his stays in Dubai and Asia inspired him: "I've seen a lot of restaurants and bars, and I want to make this special, cosmopolitan feeling something everyone can experience in my restaurants."

Frankonia Eurobau

Anyone who plans, builds or revitalizes real estate has a great responsibility. Buildings can shape the identity of an entire city, represent a company or be a home for a person.

FRANKONIA Eurobau is aware of the associated responsibility. This results in our high standards. That's why FRANKONIA Eurobau always sees your projects as something that should last. As long-term, sustainable values, as private refuges with their own identity and soul. Because quality doesn't come by chance.

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